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Thursday, August 30, 2012

sach hotaa kyaa hai. harek kaa apnaa apnaa version hotaa hai sach kaa

Film : Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Year of release : 2011
Spoken by : Salman (Naseeruddin Shah)
Spoken to : Imran (Farhan Akhtar)
Dialogue writer : Farhan Akhtar

Imran learns after his 'father's' death that his biological father is a painter who lives abroad. He obviously has a desire to meet him and ask him why he never tried to contact him all these years. 

He finally meets him in a strange situation, where he calls Salman to bail out his two friends and him after a pub brawl. When they finally get to be alone with each other, Imran asks Salman the question that has been bothering him. 

Salman says that he often wondered that what would he tell him.

'ki tumse kahoongaa kyaa?'

Imran asks him to tell him the truth. (sach kahiye)

Salman sniggers contemptuously and comes up with this gem

"sach hotaa kyaa hai. harek kaa apnaa apnaa version hotaa hai sach kaa"

"सच होता क्या है. हरेक का अपना अपना वर्शन होता है सच का"

To learn more about this gem, watch the Kurosawa classic ;'Rashomon'. 

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  1. another Japanese film that deals with this truth (or it's version) is a very nice anti-war movie called - "Under the Flag of the Rising Sun". The leftists film maker is reputed to have seen Rashomon and exited the theater with an idea for an anti-war film.