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Monday, June 17, 2013

Achchhe ideas kee laashen bichhee huyeen hain is duniyaa men

Film : Inkaar
Year of release : 2013
Spoken by : Rahul (Arjun Rampal)
Spoken to : Maya (Chitrangada Singh)
Dialogue writer : Sudhir Mishra
This was the much touted film on sexual harassment which was recently released. In one of the scenes in the film, Maya is making a rehearsal for a possible pitch to a client. At the rehearsal, when Rahul objects to the basic idea of the pitch, Maya stutters and takes a moment before she recovers and defends her idea. This leads to Rahul totally trashing the concept and he walks out of the conference room. Later when Maya approaches Rahul, she says, her idea was good. (idea to achchhaa thaa). Rahul turns around and tells her that he trashed her concept because she could not defend her idea convincingly. He says
Achchhe ideas kee laashen bichhee huyeen hain is duniyaa men. Apne idea ko bachaanaa seekho.
अच्छे आइडियाज़  की लाशें बिछी हुईं हैं इस दुनिया में. अपने आईडिया को बचाना सीखो.
Truer words have not been spoken.

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