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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bas dil ko tasalli dene ke liye achchha lafz hai ...Dilli

Film : Tiranga
Year of release : 1992
Spoken by : Shivajirao Wagle (Nana Patekar)
Spoken to : Central Minister Jeevanlal Tandel (Manohar Singh) and DSP (Sujit Kumar)
Dialogue writer : KK Singh

There are so many probes being ordered these days from Delhi, that I remembered this powerful line from a Nana Patekar film. This was a time when Nana was on song. Most of his films sold because of him. 

After a carnage, Minister Jeevanlal tries to assuage a fuming Wagle by saying he will conduct a 'nyaayik jaanch' (a judicial enquiry) from Delhi. When Wagle hears this, he loses his cool and shouts in characteristically cynical Nana style.

"nyaayik jaanch karegi dilli huh! andhi aur behri dilli! yeh dilli bas mu.nh hai isliye paTar paTar kartii rahtii hai - yeh karnaa hai, yeh honaa chaahiye. hame.n dikhaanaa hai. bas dil ko tasalli dene ke liye achchha lafz hai ...dilli..."
"न्यायिक जांच करेगी दिल्ली हह! अन्धी और बहरी दिल्ली! ये दिल्ली बस मुंह है, इसलिये पटर पटर करती रहती है - ये करना है, ये होना चाहिये. हमें दिखाना है. बस दिल को तसल्ली देने के लिये अच्छा लफ़्ज़ है...दिल्ली..."

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  1. It's impossible to read these lines and not hear them in Nana's voice in your head.