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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

aap jaise bole.n Biddaa madam

Film : Kahaani
Year of release : 2012
Ritesh Shah dialogue
Spoken by : Mr Das (Nitya Ganguly - Monalisa manager)
Spoken to : Vidya Bagchi (Vidya Roy Kapoor nee Balan)
Dialogue writer : Ritesh Shah

2012 provided so many films for me to enjoy and praise. My friends were starting to believe that I had become a 'negaholic'. This was one of the joys of 2012. The greatness of the film is the casting, whether it is the avuncular hit man or the pregnant protagonist or (as is the case here) the hotel manager. Each one is an actor (not a junior artist), and hence the script is enhanced by the performance.

In this scene Vidya Bagchi drags the policeman along to the hotel where she believed her husband Arnab Bagchi to have stayed. The perplexed hotel manager not quite sure how to react when he learns she has come from London, responds with a classic "Your majesty". The next day morning Vidya finds that there is no hot water in her room (as had been promised) and goes to the front desk to complain. Here is the exchange between her and Mr Das. A true gem.

"good morning your maj...good morning Biddaa madam."
"Biddaa nahee.n vidya v va not ba" "बिद्दा नहीं विद्या व व नॉट ब"
"aap jaise bole.n Biddaa madam" "आप जैसे बोलें बिद्दा मॅडम"
"kamre me.n garam paanii nahee.n aa rahaa" "कमरे में गर्म पानी नहीं आ रहा"

This has now become a classic in my friends circle and family. Note the sweet condescension with which Mr. Das accepts her request, at the same time stubbornly refuses to implement the change suggested. 

Use this prophylactically for healthy relationships!

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