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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

BaDaa aadmii agar bannaa ho Chaudhari, to chhoTe kaam mat karnaa

Film : Vidhaata
Year of release : 1982
Spoken by : Sobhraj (Dilip Kumar)
Spoken to : Jagavar Chaudhary (Amrish Puri)
Dialogue writer :

An extremely silly film, which makes you wonder about the so called 'legends' of Hindi cinema. I wish people had the courage to call a spade a spade. However, even though fate has given us a lemon, let us try and make some lemonade out of it.
Jagaavar is the man who has killed Sobhraj's son Inspector Pratap (Suresh Oberoi). Of course, at that time Sobhraj was known by his more hoi polloi name Shamsher Singh. He becomes an underworld don and decides the name Sobhraj is more suited to this avatar. Both Sobhraj and Jagaavar are together on a flight to Coimbatore. Jagaavar tries to chat Sobhraj up on the flight, but Sobhraj spurns him.
However when Sobhraj emerges from the airport, Jagaavar accosts him once again and says that since they both are going towards Guindy Park, they should travel together in Jagaavar's car. Sobhraj accepts this offer. His driver follows them in his car.
On the way, Jagaavar blows up Sobhraj's car and tries to impress Sobhraj with his villainy. Sobhraj just smiles. A surprised Jagaavar asks him why he is smiling. Sobhraj asks the driver to pull up near a coconut water vendor nearby. As they have moved away from the car, Sobhraj tells Jagaavar that the car he blew up was not his, but of some other innocent person. Then he blows up the car in which he and Amrish were travelling so far. Some would say they are just playing silly buggers. But then I remind myself I am trying to make some lemonade here. So the line he delivers after blowing up a million rupee (in 2013 terms) car, is this -
"बड़ा आदमी अगर बनना हो चौधरी, तो छोटे काम मत करना"
"BaDaa aadmii agar bannaa ho Chaudhari, to chhoTe kaam mat karnaa"
Now this line makes immense sense. A lot of people would put in fake bills or inflate travel bills assuming that it does not matter. But if you really want to hold a big office, you should eschew such small infractions.

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