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Sunday, December 15, 2013

tum KhaamaKhaah kyon Khudaai faujdaar bane ghoom rahe ho

Film : Junoon
Year of release : 1978
Spoken by : Javed's aunt (Sushma Seth)
Spoken to : Sarfaraaz Khan (Naseeruddin Shah)
Dialogue writer : Satyadev Dubey and Ismat Chugtai

Sarfaraaz khan is raving and ranting about the firangiis (Britishers)
"...ehsaan faraamosh, khudgarz, girgit kee aulaad..."
Javed's aunt interrupts him and says,

"bas bas bas miyaa.n....miyaa.n tum bolte to Khoob ho...par is basti me.n kisii ke kaan par joon nahee.n rengtii....sab lambii taane paDe hai.n...tum KhaamaKhaah kyon Khudaai faujdaar bane ghoom rahe ho..."
You generally do not have to use this line with any city dweller in India. They generally mind their own business. So if you come across a country bumpkin or that rare urbanite who does seem to want to intervene, this line is apt.

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