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Sunday, March 30, 2014

mere paas zaraa sii bhii maafii nahii.n hai, varnaa zaroor de detaa

Film : Aap ke Saath
Year of release : 1986
Spoken by : Bimal (Anil Kapoor)
Spoken to : Deepa (Rati Agnihotri)
Dialogue writer : Dr Rahi Masoom Reza

I was just watching this film casually. The quality of a couple of lines hit me immediately. I sat up and started listening carefully. The dialogue writer was not an ordinary man. The film was ordinary (bad actually). But the dialogues were constantly rising above their milieu. I immediately did a web search and discovered that the dialogue writer was Dr Rahi Masoom Reza.

Bimal is the philandering younger son of a rich man (Utpal Dutt). In one sequence, a drunk man (Seth Kishorilal i.e. Pinchoo Kapoor) mistakes him to be a cabbie and forcibly sits in his car and asks him to take him home.  However his home is actually an old age home, where he has been living ever since his son threw him out of his own house (he had once been a rich man). The caretaker of the old age home is Deepa. When she comes out to receive Kishorilal, she mistakenly believes that Bimal is Kishorilal's son. The son who had thrown his own father out of his house. She scolds him severely for leaving his old father at an old age home.

When she realises her mistake, she apologises to Bimal

"mai.n bahut bahut maafii maangtii hoo.n"

Bimal says

"mere paas zaraa sii bhii maafii nahii.n hai, varnaa zaroor de detaa"

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