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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

jii woh english me.n kuchh naam rakhnaa chaahte the

Film : Mr India
Year of release : 1987
Spoken by : Calendar (Satish Kaushik)
Spoken to : Arun (Anil Kapoor)
Dialogue writer : Salim Javed

I love Hindi film dialogues which have reference to the English language. I was reading Chetan Bhagat's extremely avoidable Revolution 2020. There was a sequence where the politician is looking for a name for his engineering college. He says it should have a touch of tradition, as well as sound modern. They decide on the name "Gangatech". I recently saw the board of a school called St. National. In this mindset,  I discovered this gem from Mr India.

This is Anil Kapoor's introductory scene from the film. He is shown cooking in the kitchen and calling out to his cook Calendar in the same breath. When Calendar finally wakes from his slumber and responds to Arun, Arun asks, 

"ek to merii samajh me.n aaj tak ye nahee.n aayaa, ki tumharaa naam tumhaare  maa baap ne calendar kyo.n rakhaa"
"एक तो मेरी समझ में आज तक ये नहीं आया, कि तुम्हारा नाम तुम्हारे मां बाप ने कॅलंडर क्यों रखा"

jii woh english me.n kuchh naam rakhnaa chaahte the. 
जी वो इंग्लिश में कुछ नाम रखना चाहते थे "

Look around you at names of shops, schools and organisations. This innocent desire of ordinary Indians will manifest itself all around you. 

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