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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

AankhoN dekhee makkhee niglee naheeN jaatee

Film : Lajja
Year of release : 2001
Spoken by : Hazaarilal (Govind Namdeo)
Spoken to : Nek Chand (Anjan Srivastav)
Lajja was actually a good film, which did not get its rightful due. All the female characters had names of Sita. Mythili (Mahima Chowdhury) is getting married. Her father-in-law is keen on ensuring the dowry is delivered as agreed. However, Nekchand (Mythili's father) is falling short by Rs 50000. A thief Raju (Anil Kapoor) who is hiding in Mythili's bedchamber overhears her plight and decides to help her. He goes and quietly adds Rs 50000 to the briefcase which is supposed to carry the dowry amount. Nekchand does not know this. When the money is handed over Hazaarilal, Nekchand is apprehensive that he would throw a fit due to the short amount. However, Hazarilal discovers that the amount is exactly as agreed. But one of the guests (who has been robbed by Raju) sees the money and recognises it as his own. This leads to discovery of the fact that Raju had been hiding in Mythili's bedchamber. All hell breaks loose. Hazaarilal wants to fish in troubled waters. Hence he demands more money to accept a 'tainted' Mythili as his daughter-in-law. As he puts it,
"aankhoN dekhee makkhee niglee naheeN jaatee"
"आंखों देखी मक्खी निगली नहीं जाती"
Of course, this is a famous Hindi proverb. But I have heard it for the first time in a Hindi movie in Lajja. And I quite like the way Govind Namdeo says it. It is one of Hindi cinema's better scenes. Do see this scene if you get a chance.
Of course, the line means that it is hard to accept something bad after you know about it. For example most of the restaurants in Delhi have dirty kitchens. But as long as you sit in air-conditioned comfort and don't see the kitchens you love the food. But if you happen to pass by the kitchen and realise how dirty it is, it is extremely hard to eat in that restaurant. As the saying goes
"आंखों देखी मक्खी निगली नहीं जाती"

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