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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bachche tum jis school meN paDhte ho hum uske headmaster rah chuke haiN

Film : Haath ki Safai

Year of release : 1974

Spoken by : Shankar (Vinod Khanna)

Spoken to : Raju (Randhir Kapoor)

One of the lesser known Salim-Javed films. Not as illustrious as some of their other output, but it too has its moments.

Raju or Raju Tardeo is a pick pocket. As he is relaxing in his area, one of his acolytes comes and informs him that there is a man in the neighbourhood who has 100 Rs notes in his wallet. All of them are very excited. I remember my dad used to get a monthly salary of Rs 100 those days, but to a youngster today, this might be a cause of great surprise. Inflation my dear friends!

Anyways, our hero is lured towards his target and as he attempts to pick Shankar's pocket, Shankar is quick to catch Raju's hand in the act. He chides him with a classic 'don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs' kind of line (the best I have heard in Hindi cinema). He says

"बच्चे तुम जिस स्कूल में पढ़ते हो हम उसके हॆड़मास्टर रह चुके हैं"
"bachche tum jis school me paDhte ho ham uske headmaster rah chuke haiN"

And he follows up by delivering the title of the film in the next line. He says

"aur is purse meN rupayoN se bhee zyaadaa ek keemtee cheez hai jise churaanaa aasaan naheeN, jaao apne haath meN aur safaai paidaa karo. jaao"

"और इस पर्स में रुपयों से भी ज़्यादा एक क़ीमती चीज़ है जिसे चुराना आसान नहीं, जाओ अपने हाथ में और सफ़ाई पैदा करो. जाओ"

Of course, the 'qeematee cheez' that Shankar is referring to is the photograph of his younger brother. And his younger brother is none other than Raju Tardeo. But then if he knew that then, 12 reels of the film would have been wasted. Or saved. Depending on where you stand about the film.

Vinod Khanna makes his debut on this blog. I often used to wonder that Vinod Khanna also was a good actor, was a six footer, was good looking, well built and yet people never gave him the status that Amitabh got. I just saw the statistics of this blog and found that till date there are 11 lines of Amitabh and Vinod just made his debut. I think I know the answer now.

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  1. Correct. Even after forty years people used to repeat the dialogue