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Friday, September 26, 2008

Tumhe bhee bolnaa paDegaa bolne ke liye

Film : Anand
Year of release : 1970
Spoken by : Dr Bhaskar (Amitabh Bachchan)
Spoken to : Anand Sehgal (Rajesh Khanna)
Another classic from Anand. The famous recording scene, which has the Sony tape recorder and the mike. Bhaskar has been requested by Anand to record his famous poem
"मौत तू एक कविता है, मुझसे एक कविता का वादा है मिलेगी मुझको"
And once he has done it, he asks Anand too to record something. Anand stands wondering what he should say. He says this aloud. A laconic Bhaskar says
"तुम्हे भी बोलना पड़ेगा बोलने के लिये"
"tumhe bhee bolnaa paDegaa bolne ke liye"
A great line to use with the normally garrulous when they are tongue-tied.

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