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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ek dum fresh approach rahegaa

Film : Chashme Buddoor
Year of release : 1981
Spoken by : Jomo or J Lakhanpal (Ravi Baswani)
Spoken to : Neha Rajan (Deepti Naval)
Dialogue writer : Sai Paranjpe

One of my all time favourite films. The two philandering friends Jomo and Omi have noticed a new girl in their locality and they are going to take turns to try to woo her. Who will try first - this question is decided by a pack of cards. As Omi says - Jiskii mem uskee game, i.e. whosoever draws a queen first gets to try first. Omi gets that chance and messes it up. Now it is Jomo's turn. He goes to Neha's house as an asst. director and says he has seen her in a play held at Daulat Ram College. Neha smiles and says 

"maine aaj tak stage par qadam nahee.n rakhaa"

To Jomo's credit he does not flinch a bit and come back with a great line. He says

"tab to aur bhee achchhe. ek dum fresh approach rahegaa"
"तब तो और भी अच्छे. एक दम फ़्रेश अप्रोच रहेगा" 

So if you are a rank novice at something, you can present that as a virtue by using this line. Well if I was to be interviewed for the post of India's prime ministership, that'd be a good line to use :)


  1. I have been trying to leave a comment on this blog: http://shaiyer.blogspot.com/ for quite a while...but some strange reason, I am unable to leave any...

    I like all your posts; some of them hold true in my life too...:):):)

  2. This entire movie can be written on ths blog...dialogue by dialoge! love your work!