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Sunday, May 20, 2012

gehne tuDvaao gehne banvaao, aur kauDiyaa.n khelo, so-o aaraam se

Film : Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam
Year of release : 1962
Spoken by : ChhoTii bahu (Meena Kumari)
Spoken to : ChhoTe babu (Rehman)
Dialogue writer : Abrar Alvi

The classic film based on Bimal Mitra's novel Sahib Bibi Ghulam.

ChhoTii bahu as always is pleading with ChhoTe babu to stay at home. He sniggers and says that he is a Kshatriya man and he needs diversions from time to time, and she cannot offer him what the other girls can. ChhoTii bahu says she is willing to go to any extent and even suggests that he too should give her a new name and keep him like he keeps the other dancing girls. ChhoTe babu gets angry and says that would bring disrepute to their family.

A frustrated ChhoTii bahu asks him,

"to phir  mai.n kyaa karoo.n, tumhee bataao"
"तो फिर मैं क्या करूं, तुम्ही बताओ"

And now comes the riposte.

"wohii... jo baDii bhaabhii aur ma.njhlii bhaabhii kartii hai.n
gehne tuDvaao gehne  banvaao, aur  kauDiyaa.n khelo, so-o aaraam se."
"वोही...जो बडी भाभी और मंझली भाभी करती हैं
गहने तुडवाओ, गहने बनवाओ, और कौडियां खेलो, सोओ आराम से"

This dialogue has since gone onto become a classic.

Comes about 2 hours into the film.

Even today, after years of education and modernity, many housewives in big cities do exactly what ChhoTe Babu suggested. Just replace kauDiyaa.n with the television. 

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