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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dar mat beTaa ye pulis kee vardii me.n pulis hee hai

Film : Paan Singh Tomar
Year of release : 2012
Spoken by : Inspector Rathore (Zakir Hussain)
Spoken to : Kidnapped boy (Unknown)
Dialogue writer : Tigmanshu Dhulia

This is a very good film and if you have not seen it you must.

Paan Singh Tomar has established himself as a famous dacoit, or 'baaGii' as he calls himself. He has now started the profitable activity of kidnapping for ransom. He is in cahoots with the police of many states and sometimes actually carries out assignments on their behalf! On such assignments they actually don the uniforms of the police forces. 

Inspector Rathore is chasing this dreaded dacoit and in one such operation manages to rescue a young boy who has been kidnapped.

He dresses up as a shepherd or goatherd and stops an Ambassador car (suspected to be the vehicle carrying the kidnapped boy) using his goats to block the road. Then he walks up to the car and shoots all the occupants dead. The other policemen come running. They open the 'dickie' or the boot of the car and find the boy trussed up there. The boy sees a lot of policemen and a shepherd standing before him and is very scared and confused. Inspector Rathore is still in mufti. He looks at him and says,

"Dar mat beTaa ye pulis kee vardii me.n pulis hee hai"
"डर मत बेटा ये पुलिस की वर्दी में पुलिस ही है"

By the way, there are lots of instances in metros where thugs wearing police uniforms con senior citizens. So it is always better to make sure by asking for some kind of id. Or making a confirmation call to 100 or 911 or whatever emergency number you call in your country. Nothing is what it seems anymore. 

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